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Mayyim Hayyim offers thoughtful and innovative Jewish programming for people of all ages, including b’nai mitzvah students, engaged and recently married couples, new Jews, and others. We can provide you with comprehensive curricula that include everything you need: handouts, activities, discussion questions, supply lists, and more.

Whether you’re a lay leader interested in bringing new programming to your community or a seasoned educator, our innovative curricula will engage your community and enhance your educational offerings.

Here’s what people have to say about Mayyim Hayyim’s curricula:

“Mayyim Hayyim has been the #1 place I go for curricula, well-tested educational ideas, creativity, and best practices. I know that when Mayyim Hayyim makes a suggestion or offers direction, it has been been conceived with great care and wisdom, and shared with love. The curriculum for middle school is a fantastic way to transmit the central concepts and role of mikveh to young folks. It offers educators, who may not have a deep knowledge of mikveh themselves, to present the information in a thoughtful and age appropriate way. Students engage with the tradition in language and thought frameworks that make sense for modern Jews and leave participants inspired and wanting more.  My experience is that that most students can easily imagine themselves as mikveh-goers after this helpful introduction.”
— Rabbi Dr. Jenny Solomon, Beth Meyer Synagogue, Raleigh NC

“The materials are excellent and very relevant. I use Beyond the Huppah with all couples before their wedding. The Now What? curriculum has been amazing as it afforded me the opportunity to provide learning after conversion. When most people may fall off the radar, this gave me a hook to keep them engaged. And lastly the immersion ceremonies are wonderful, as people want ritual in moments of transition and you have provided a guidebook for creating those new experiences.”
— Rabbi Steven Abraham, Beth El Synagogue, Omaha NE

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