Becoming Jewish: At the Water’s Edge

Each year, approximately 200 people become Jewish or affirm their Jewish identity at Mayyim Hayyim. This documentary raises awareness about welcoming Jews-by-choice into the Jewish community.

Produced and directed by Jen Kaplan with funding from Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah.

Open Waters: Mikveh for Everybody

Celebrating the principle of petichut, Hebrew for “openness” and “inclusivity,” by making mikveh accessible for everyone.

Produced and directed by Jen Kaplan in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation. This film is part of a collection of resources for organizations to make accessible spaces and raise awareness about inclusion in the Jewish community.

Beneath the Surface: A Program for Bat Mitzvah Girls and their Mothers

This documentary film shows the power of mother-daughter programming at this seminal moment in the life of Jewish families.

Produced and directed by Jen Kaplan, with funding from the Boston Jewish Community Women’s Fund.

Welcoming Waters

Created in 2011, “Welcoming Waters” tells Mayyim Hayyim’s story of creating a welcoming space through education and Jewish ritual.

Directed and produced by Jen Kaplan.

PBS Program “Boomers!”

Mayyim Hayyim featured on PBS program “Boomers! Redefining Life after Fifty.”

Welcoming Waters: Mikveh Baby

Telling the story of a baby’s immersion in the mikveh. 

Directed and produced by Jen Kaplan, with funding by a Jewish Innovation Grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies and Natan.

From Living Waters

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by the 2010 film students from BIMA at Brandeis University. “From Living Waters” is the story of four individuals and how their lives have touched, and been touched by, Mayyim Hayyim. BIMA is honored to have worked with Margaret, Deb, Sidney, and Farrah and is proud to tell their stories.