“Through Lines”
featuring works by Sergio Bautista and Michael Mittelman
Winter 2020


Carol Baum

“Texture and Line”
featuring works by Adrienne Shishko and Carol Baum
Winter 2019

“Nigun | Notations on Prayer”
featuring works by Shelby Feltoon, Stacy Friedman, and Emily Mogavero
Fall 2019

“The Old becomes New and the New becomes Holy” (sculpture installation)
BIMA (Brandeis Institute of Music and Art) students
July 2019

“Family Values”
featuring works by Rhoda Rosenberg and Caron Tabb
Summer 2019



“I’m Glad You Feel That Way”
featuring works by Doug Weathersby and John Guthrie
Winter 2018

“To the Letter: Aleph – Z”
featuring works by Ariel Burger and Matthew Carter
Fall 2018

“Nature” (sculpture installation)
BIMA (Brandeis Institute of Music and Art) students

Ariel Burger

July 2018

“Creation and Creativity”
featuring works by Paula Brody
Summer 2018


“Floating World”
featuring works by Hilary Tolan
Winter 2017

“Seek and Find”
featuring works by Joel Moskowitz and Karen Weinhaus
Fall 2017

“Frozen Landscapes” (sculpture installation)
BIMA (Brandeis Institute of Music and Art) students
July 2017

Hilary Tolan

“Frozen Landscapes”
featuring works by Ellen Alt and Lisa Goren
Summer 2017


“Yitzhak Rabin: My Inspiration”
Featuring pieces by local Israeli artists
November 2016-January 2017

“Gan HaMayyim” (sculpture installation)
BIMA (Brandeis Institute of Music and Art) students
July 2016

Quilts by Carol Anne Grotrian and Rosemary Hoffenberg
January – September 2016



Alison Shaw

“Into the Blue”
Photographs by Alison Shaw
July – December 2015

“Hydro Cycle”
BIMA at Brandeis students
July 2015

“Vessels: Holiness in Hand”
Porcelain pottery by Elizabeth Cohen and blown glass by Christopher Watts
January-July 2015


“Vessels: Containing Possibilities”
Featuring pottery by Steven Branfman and Bette Ann Libby
September – December 2014

Mixed Media by Roberta Paul
February-July 2014


“Looking Deeply: Works by Nira Chorev and Susannah Zisk”
Images of birch trees and quilts
July 2013 – January 2014

“Anime Water”
BIMA at Brandeis Visual Arts Students with Ellen Alt and Tirtzah Bassel
July, 2013

“Life on Paper”
Works by Alison Judd and Deborah Putnoi
January – July, 2013


“Yiddish as Muse”
Mixed Media by Debra Olin
May – December 2012

“And it was so: The Ebb & Flow of Creation”
BIMA students
July 2012

“A Rare View: Selected Works by the Young women of Raw Art Works”
January – May 2012


“The Intimate Eye”
Photographs by Tom Kates
October 2011- January 2012

“Art as Prayer/Prayer as Art”
Images of water and prayer by Dr. Paula Brody and Judy Sirota Rosenthal
June – September 2011

“Drawn from Life”
Graphic art and illustration by Phoebe Potts and Hilary Price
February – May 2011


“The Alchemy of Memory”
Digital photographic collages by Fran Forman
September 2010 – January 2011

BIMA at Brandeis Visual Arts Students with Ellen Alt and Tirtzah Bassel
July 22-29, 2010

“From Tesfa to Tikvah: From Hope to Hope”
Images of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, by Irene Fertik
June – August 2010

“Tide Pools”
Photography by Karin Rosenthal
March – May 2010


“Memories in Montage”
Photographic montages by Leslie Starobin
October 2009 – February 2010

“The Art of Ritual”
Judaica by Frann Addison
August – September 2009

“Gathering the Waters”
BIMA at Brandeis Painting Students with Ellen Alt and Tirtzah Bassel, July 15 – 31, 2009

“Fresh Fruit”
Digital photographs by Wally Gilbert and sculpture by Stephanie Chubbuck
April – July 2009
Presented in collaboration with The New Center for Arts and Culture

“Ebb and Flow”
Ruth Golub, Pen and Ink, Eliane Markoff, Watercolor and Oil and Stepheny Riemer, Mixed Media, paintings and sculpture
January 15 – March 2009


“Project Kesher: Women and Jewish Renaissance in Ukraine”
Photographs by Joan Roth
November 2008 – January 2009
Presented in collaboration with Project Kesher and Hadassah

“Water Vessels”
Pottery and Ceramics by Sasha Bergmann-Lichtenstein, August – September 2008

BIMA at Brandeis Painting Students with Ellen Alt, July 15 – 31, 2008

“Like Ducks to Water”
Nancy Schon, Sculpture April -July 2008


“The Mikvah Project”
Photographs by Janice Rubin, Stories by Leah Lax
December 2007 – March 2008
Presented in collaboration with the Hadassah Brandeis Institute

“Urban Pools and Venetian Canals”
Photographs by Kenda North, Paintings by Tobia Rava
September – November 2007
Offered in collaboration with Diamond-Newman Fine Arts

“Sweet Summer Reflections”
Paintings by Rosalie Ripaldi Shane
June – August 2007

“Look to the Earth and It Shall Lead You”
Mixed Media, Wendy Rabinowitz
February – May 2007


“Water Colors”
Paintings by David Kupferman, Photographs by Mary Lang
September – December 2006

“It Runs in the Family: Three Generations of Painters”
Paintings by Harold Rotenberg, Judi Rotenberg and Franklin Ross
June – August 2006

“Faith Quilt Project”
Quilt squares created on the theme of “Ushpizot” honoring our familial and biblical ancestors.  Many of the squares were created during workshops at Mayyim Hayyim and the Hadassah Brandeis Institute
April – May 2006

“Everything Begins in the Water”
Juried exhibit (Judi Rotenberg and Abigail Ross, Jurors) featuring 23 regional artists
January – March 2006