Mikveh Visit for an Introduction to Judaism Course

Offered Virtually


Adult learners, participants in an Introduction to Judaism, Pathways to Judaism, or conversion class.

*This program is scheduled in coordination with the Introduction to Judaism/Pathways educator.


A visit to the mikveh is an important part of an Introduction to Judaism or Pathways to Judaism course. We welcome participants to visit Mayyim Hayyim to learn about how mikveh is part of Jewish life in general and the conversion experience in particular.

This program includes essential elements from Introduction to Mikveh with a focus on the experience of conversion at the mikveh. Teachers discuss the day of conversion, concerns, answer questions and introduce the idea of immersion as a lifecycle ritual that can be revisited at other moments of transition


60-90 minutes



"Now I feel like I can actually get excited about my conversion!"


  • Mayyim Hayyim has updated our COVID-19 protocols. Please click here to read the latest protocols, updated as of April 25, 2022.