About the Education Center

The Paula Brody and Family Education Center offers engaging and experiential programs for people of all ages.

The majority of visitors to Mayyim Hayyim never get wet. Every year, more than 3,000 students of nearly every age and background attend some 100 education programs. Groups come from synagogues, day schools, college and university groups, book clubs, non-profit organizations, and fellowship programs. Programs have attracted visitors from all over the United States, Canada, England, Israel, the former Soviet Union, and South Africa.

All Mayyim Hayyim curricula are interactive, stress student participation, and encourage open discussion in a safe, welcoming environment. All programs welcome the participation of people regardless of marital status, religious affiliation, sexual identity, or Jewish literacy.

All of our education programming is currently virtual and taking place over zoom. We have a stellar remote Introduction to Mikveh program. Based on our experience over the pandemic we have developed a successful standard for teaching this program. Our expectations for our remote programming are that each participant in the program will be on their own zoom screen and zooming from separate locations. This standard supports a learning environment in which students can be encouraged to participate as fully as possible, each according to their own needs, since there are no echoes from other participants’ computers.

More info:

  • Education Programs are conducted Sunday – Thursday between the hours of 10:00 am and 9:00 pm. Please note that Sundays fill up quickly.
  • For larger groups and highly tailored content, please contact our Director of Programs and Partnerships to discuss content and pricing.

For more information contact: education@mayyimhayyim.org or 617-244-1836 ext. 212


  • Mayyim Hayyim has updated our COVID-19 protocols. Please click here to read the latest protocols, updated as of September 1, 2021.