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The Rising Tide Open Waters Network has member communities across the country and around the world. Our members are working to make mikveh inclusive, accessible, and meaningful to everyone in the Jewish community.

Below is an interactive map of Rising Tide Network members who either have an Established Mikveh in their community or are in the process of developing a mikveh. Scroll further down for a list of all of our members. If you are planning to visit an Existing Mikveh, you may wish to contact the mikveh in advance to learn more about their specific policies and procedures.

Members by Location


Established Mikveh 

These communities have an open mikveh available for immersions.


Emerging Mikveh

These communities are in the development stage of creating a new open mikveh.


Aspiring Mikveh

These communities are in the first year of exploring the creation of a new open mikveh.



🌊 The Stein Family Community Mikveh at Congregation Beth Israel | Scottsdale

The Stein Family Community Mikveh at Congregation Beth Israel is the first Mikveh in the State of Arizona which can be used by all members of the Jewish community regardless of affiliation with any particular movement or Synagogue. It exists for the ritual use of the Jewish community for rituals both commanded by our tradition and created in modernity to mark life’s transitions.

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🌊 American Jewish University Community Mikvah | Los Angeles

The Rabbinical Assembly Mikvah is located at the American Jewish University (AJU) in Los Angeles. Since 1981, the AJU Community Mikvah has been a vital part of the Jewish life of Southern California.

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🌊 Community Mikvah of Silicon Valley | Los Gatos

The Community Mikvah of Silicon Valley is an intimate place for Jewish spirituality. A new threshold into Jewish life, the Community Mikvah reclaims the ancient tradition of Mikvah for the diverse needs of the 21st century Jewish community in Silicon Valley and the communities surrounding it. The Community Mikvah opened its doors in January of 2008 and now welcomes visitors from around the Bay Area. Located at the Levy Family Campus in Los Gatos, its sparkling, kosher pool provides Jews with an experience of ritual immersion that can be a source of spiritual renewal, celebration and healing. We honor the full diversity of the Jewish community.

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💡 Congregation Beth Israel of San Diego | San Diego

A community exploring the development of a mikveh.

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🛠️ Maaleh Hayim | Los Angeles

A community in the process of developing a mikveh.

🌊 San Francisco Mikvah | San Francisco

The San Francisco Mikvah is a community mikvah serving the San Francisco Bay Area, located in the Laurel Heights area of San Francisco.

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🌊 The Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din of Southern California

The Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din of Southern California was founded in 2002 on the premise that conversion to Judaism can and ought to be an experience that transcends denominations. The organization adheres to standards that have been endorsed by the Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and transdenominational movements. It is directed by a professional rabbinate that guides and welcomes conversion candidates with sensitivity and gentleness.  134 Rabbis from the Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform movements, as well as transdenominational rabbis, have agreed on standards and procedures; this assures that converts will be welcomed by the great majority of the Jewish community. Our pluralistic, permanent sitting court is virtually unprecedented. We are proud to welcome new Jews from diverse racial, cultural, ethnic, and class background, and from diverse gender histories and expressions. We work sensitively and individually with all candidates to bring them, body and soul, into the Jewish people.

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🛠️ Temple Bat Yahm | Newport Beach

A community in the process of developing a mikveh.

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💡 Temple Isaiah | Lafayette

A community exploring the development of a mikveh.

💡 Urban Adamah | Berkeley

Urban Adamah is in the exploratory phase of mikveh creation. As an urban farm we offer a way and a place for people to connect to land, Judaism, self, and one another. What better way to do that than through mikveh practice?

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💡 Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center | Aventura

A community exploring the development of a mikveh.

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💡 Sovev: South Florida Community Mikveh | Boca Raton

Sovev is a mikveh in the making, springing up from the needs of our community.

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🌊 MACoM – Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah | Atlanta

The mission of the Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah (MACoM) is to provide a safe, sensitive, welcoming, halachic and aesthetically beautiful environment for Jewish ritual immersion and conversion, allowing for ongoing fulfillment of spirituality, Torah awareness, healing and wellness.

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🌊 Community Mikvah of the Conservative Movement | Wilmette

The Community Mikvah is available for all stages of life and welcomes all in the Jewish community. It is a calming and spiritual space where you can heal, celebrate, and move through transitions in life in a calming and quiet space.

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🌊 Mayim Rabim - Louis and Marilyn Hurwitz Community Mikveh | Des Moines

A modern mikveh rooted in tradition, the Mayim Rabim Louis & Marilyn Hurwitz Community Mikveh serves as a spiritual and education center for mikveh in the Midwest.

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🌊 Louisiana Community Mikvah | New Orleans

A community mikvah where women, men and people of all genders and ages can celebrate life milestones and explore their spirituality.

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🌊 Beth Israel Congregation Mikvah | Waterville

The Beth Israel Congregation Mikvah is an open mikvah in central Maine.

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🌊 The Soul Center at Beth El Congregation | Baltimore

The Soul Center’s mission is to transform Jewish life in Baltimore through innovative programming in mindfulness, healing and rejuvenation. We will create and sustain a healthy, empowered community where people feel welcomed and connected. The Center strives to engage Jews who identify as “spiritual but not religious,” and will offer opportunities to meet spiritual needs within a Jewish context to create a stronger, connected community that will be more present for each other and a greater force for good in the world.

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🌊 Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Paula Brody & Family Education Center | Newton

Mayyim Hayyim’s mission is to reclaim and reinvent one of Judaism’s most ancient rituals–immersion in the mikveh–for contemporary spiritual use; to teach about this resource to all who are interested; and to make the mikveh a sacred space that is open and accessible to all Jews and those who are becoming Jews.

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🌊 Temple Israel | West Bloomfield

We’re proud of the fact that Temple Israel was the first Reform congregation in the world to build a mikvah. Our mikvah is used before weddings, holidays, and by those who’ve decided to convert to Judaism. We also offer creative mikvah ceremonies for untraditional life moments. For more information about using the mikvah, please call the Temple office at 248-661-5700.

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New York

🛠️ Congregation Beth Elohim | Brooklyn

A community in the process of developing a mikveh.

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🌊 JCC Manhattan ImmerseNYC | Manhattan

ImmerseNYC is a pluralistic, Jewish, feminist organization in New York City that facilitates deep ritual experiences and educational programs.

Deep Ritual Experiences: Our trained, volunteer mikveh guides facilitate welcoming, transformative mikveh immersions for our diverse Jewish community, which honor the sacred nature of our lives, bodies, and experiences, and reclaim an ancient ritual for a new world.

Educational Programs: We organize workshops and events about mikveh, feminism, and life transitions for adult learners, community groups, religious schools, seminary students and clergy.

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North Carolina

🌊 Libi Eir Awakened Heart Community Mikveh | Raleigh

Libi Eir’s mission is to reclaim and reinvent one of Judaism’s most ancient rituals for contemporary spiritual use; to teach about this resource to all who are interested; and to make the mikveh a sacred space that is open and accessible to all Jews and those who are becoming Jews.

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🌊 Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah | Cleveland

The Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah in Cleveland, Ohio provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere where individuals can explore the benefits of ritual immersion. Our attendants will take the time to personalize your experience to the needs of your visit. Whether you are marking a milestone, celebrating an important life-cycle event, or perhaps grieving a loss, the Community Mikvah is a safe space to express your Jewish spirituality.

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🌊 The Tulsa Mikveh, Congregation B'nai Emunah | Tulsa

Congregation B’nai Emunah serves a diverse community of people who approach their Judaism in radically different ways. Some are attracted to the serious social activism of the congregation, and see their Judaism as a tool in the rebuilding of a broken world. 

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🌊 Rachel's Well Community Mikvah | Portland

Rachel’s Well Community Mikvah continues the tradition of over 100 years of mikvah in Portland, Oregon. It is located on the Schnitzer Family Campus in a secluded, natural setting. Owned and managed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland with ritual supervision provided by Oregon Kosher. This inclusive community mikvah is open to all who self-identify as Jewish for traditional and contemporary immersions.

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🌊 The Mikveh at Temple Beth Hillel/Beth El | Wynnewood PA

The Mikveh at Temple Beth Hillel/Beth El in Wynnewood PA was established in 2002 and continues as an active and vibrant community mikveh. It serves all who need it for both traditional and non-traditional purposes.

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🌊 Beth Sholom Mikveh | Memphis

Our mikvah appeals to the modern sensibility, a place where ancient laws (halachah) are honored and an ancient tradition is reborn in progressive ways that not only honor the past but also speak to the future of God’s creation. 

Our mikvah is filled not only with living water, but also with living Judaism, functioning as one of the Mid-South’s most compelling sources for learning and growth. It is a place to explore our spiritual depths, to find the essence of shalom, to celebrate all of life’s transitions and wonders, to pray, to cry, to hope, and to dream with holiness.

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🌊 Dallas Community Mikvah | Dallas

The Dallas Community Mikvah currently housed at Congregation Tiferet Israel has been available for anyone in the Jewish community to use since it was built in 1959. It is supported by the Vaad HaMikvah of the Rabbinic Association of Greater Dallas and is supported by annual contributions from a wide range of conregations, fees from users and a new Friends of the Mikvah program. We are proud of the partnership that thrives in support of the mikvah which allows for autonomy and creativity in the practice of this mitzvah.

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🌊 Temple Beth-El | Richmond

Temple Beth-El’s purpose is to lead people into growing relationships with Jewish community, wisdom, and practice that help them thrive intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and that inspire them to build a more compassionate, just, and peaceful world.

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💡 United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula| Peninsula

The United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula, Inc., (which includes the Jewish Community Center), is an organization dedicated to serving the Jewish communities of Hampton, Newport News, York County, Williamsburg, Poquoson, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, and Gloucester. The goal of the UJCVP is to create a Jewish community which is respectful of Jewish differences, outreaches to Jews of all backgrounds, and is knowledgeable of and committed to Jewish values and practice.

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Washington, DC

🌊 Adas Israel Community Mikvah | Washington, DC

The waters of the Mikvah fell as rain. Before that, they were clouds, fog, lakes and oceans. Earlier still, they ran in rivers from deep springs that bubbled up and gathered on the earth. Our ancestors told stories about water–the Creation of the World, the Flood, the Wells, the Red Sea, and many others– that we still tell today. Water is an essential part of life and a primary Jewish symbol. Every culture has its water ritual. Mikvah is ours. By entering water in a ritualized way, we are embraced by this primal element and given a moment to experience the holiness of our own bodies. Ritual immersion is a powerful way of feeling connected to the earth, to Jewish tradition, and to God. As the only inclusive, pluralist Mikvah in the Greater Washington area, the Adas Israel Community Mikvah welcomes you. Here you will find many ways that you as an individual, a family or a community can learn about and experience this unique part of Judaism.

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🌊 Ohev Sholom Mikveh Chaim | Washington, DC

Ohev Sholom Mikvah Chaim is an inclusive, kosher mikvah open to individuals from all streams of Judaism, serving the greater Washington, DC community.

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💡 ACT Jewish Community | Canberra, ACT

The ACT Jewish Community welcomes all Jewish people in Canberra and the region to participate in and enjoy a diverse range of religious, educational, cultural, and social activities. We are home to Orthodox and Progressive congregations each of which holds regular services.

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🛠️ Emanuel Synagogue | Woollahra, NSW

Emanuel Synagogue is a home where we live our Judaism in a contemporary world drawing on ancient teachings and traditions. Established in 1938, Emanuel Synagogue is a pluralist community affiliated with the Masorti, Progressive and Renewal movements.

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🌊 Congregação Israelita Paulista | Saò Paulo

The largest liberal Jewish community in Latin America.

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🌊 Comunidade Shalom Mikvá | São Paulo

Our mikvah is a welcoming place, with plenty of natural light and heat (when necessary). It is a mikvah that can be used at any time by the members of our congregation. We are a Conservative Congregation, therefore it has always been important to us to have an independent mikvah, to reinforce our belief in a more inclusive Judaism. We are building a group of volunteers to enable more ceremonies at the same time we are increasing the community’s understanding of all that a mikvah can provide.

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🌊 Toronto Community Mikvah | Toronto

The Toronto Community Mikvah is the governing body that oversees the operation of the Mikvah, housed at Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) in Thornhill, Ontario.

​Our goal is to welcome adults and children, pre- B’nai Mitzvah candidates, confirmands, brides, grooms, conversion candidates and all Jews seeking meaningful ritual. Visits to the Mikvah can become a part of modern Jewish spiritual practice.

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🛠️ Wellspring Project UK | London

A community in the process of developing a mikveh.

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🌊 Shmaya: A Mikveh for Mind, Body and Soul at Kibbutz Hannaton | Israel

In the heart of the Lower Galilee, amidst fields of grass and wild flowers, lies the only Masorti (Conservative) mikveh in the State of Israel. Following the dissolution of the original kibbutz, the mikveh became run-down and was in urgent need of repair. Rabbi Dr. Haviva Ner-David, volunteer mikveh director, is overseeing the renovation and rejuvenation of the mikveh. She has expertise in the halachot regarding mikveh and ritual immersion and has a welcoming and non-judgmental approach that draws Jews to explore Jewish spirituality via the mikveh.

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  • SUMMER HEAT ADVISORY: We have new measures in place to combat the high summer temperatures which may affect your immersion. 

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