"Immersing before my wedding created an opportunity to reflect on my past and future - an intimate and spiritual way to connect with my mom and slow down in the middle of this hectic time. Thank you for your guidance and your incredible, beautiful mikveh!"

Immersing in the mikveh prior to a wedding allows people to quietly mark the transition from being single to being married. Mayyim Hayyim can help you create an island of peace, contemplation, and perspective amid the public ceremonies and celebrations that surround the big event.

According to traditional practice, a bride visits the mikveh within four days prior to her wedding, seven days after the end of her period. Mayyim Hayyim leaves such decisions to each person who comes to immerse. If you are interested in learning more about the laws and customs specific to bridal immersion, please contact Mayyim Hayyim’s Program Director.

Many grooms have embraced the custom of immersing in the days prior to their weddings and same-sex couples always find a warm welcome at Mayyim Hayyim, too.

Some couples immerse at different times; some plan their immersions (one in each of our two mikvaot) at the same hour. Some people choose to keep their pre-wedding immersions private and come to Mayyim Hayyim alone, or with one friend or family member. And some people choose to invite guests to celebrate with songs, poems, blessings, food and drink. Learn more about renting our celebration space for such a party.

Immersion Ceremony for a Bride
Immersion Ceremony for a Groom

Parents of the Bride or Groom

The marriage of a child is an important milestone in a parent’s life. Parents sometimes decide to immerse prior to a child’s wedding, reflecting on the changes in the family, and the addition of a new child. Mayyim Hayyim has created ceremonies to help parents articulate this powerful moment.


  • SUMMER HEAT ADVISORY: We have new measures in place to combat the high summer temperatures which may affect your immersion. 

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