Mayyim Hayyim’s Ritual Creation Team has developed a library of original ceremonies to help personalize your mikveh experience.

Every ceremony includes a pre-immersion kavanah (intention), blessings or kavanot (intentions) to follow three immersions, and a concluding reading. Ceremonies may include songs, contemporary poems, and traditional liturgies. They can be read privately, with the assistance of a Mikveh Guide, or with friends and family.

Immersion Ceremonies

The following is a list of ceremonies available at Mayyim Hayyim to enhance your immersion. Some ceremonies are available to download below; additional individual ceremonies can be emailed to you upon request.

  • For a Bride
  • For a Groom
  • For the Mother of the Bride
  • For the Father of the Bride
  • For the Mother of the Groom
  • For the Father of the Groom
  • After Finalizing a Divorce (man)
  • After Finalizing a Divorce (woman)
  • Following the End of a Relationship (man)
  • Following the End of a Relationship (woman)
Women’s Cycles
Birthing/Creating a Family
  • The Ninth Month of Pregnancy
  • After Giving Birth
  • At the time of Weaning
Toward Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit
  • For a Challenging Life Transition
  • Toward Healing
  • Toward Healing–After Receiving Difficult News
  • Mourning a Miscarriage (individual)
  • Mourning a Miscarriage (couple)
  • Following an Abortion
  • Healing from Abuse
  • Upon Completing a Period of Mourning
  • Upon Completing Sh’loshim–A Month of Mourning
For our Blessings
  • For a Joyous Life Transition
  • In Gratitude
  • 40th Birthday Celebration
  • 50th Birthday Celebration
  • 60th Birthday Celebration
  • Honoring the Process of Coming Out
  • For a Gender Transition Milestone
  • Being Present in the Moment (Hand Washing and Cup of Miriam Ceremony)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Becoming a Bar Mitzvah
  • Becoming a Bat Mitzvah
  • Parent of a Bar Mitzvah
  • Parent of a Bat Mitzvah
  • Becoming an Adult Bar Mitzvah
  • Becoming an Adult Bat Mitzvah
Preparation for Sacred Service
  • Mikveh Guides, Hand Washing and Cup of Miriam Ceremony
  • Mohel/Mohelet Immersion Ceremony