Now What: A Post-Conversion Program for New Jews


Even after years of study, many new Jews feel unprepared, insecure, and isolated as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Now What? addresses this transition with a curriculum that is respectful of denominational differences and easily adaptable by rabbis, educators and lay leaders from across the Jewish spectrum.

Mayyim Hayyim, together with the Jewish Discovery Institute, has offered this post-conversion program to new Jews (and their partners) since 2014. We are now able to offer a 200-page, five-session curriculum, for use throughout the Jewish community.

Carefully evaluated and enthusiastically received by participants, Now What? welcomes new Jews by choice within a supportive community of peers as they deepen their understanding of Jewish life, ritual, and practice.

Each session focuses on a core Jewish practice:

  • Day of Rest: The Sabbath
  • Righteous Giving: Tzedakah
  • Building Blocks of Prayer: Tefillah
  • Eat and Be Satisfied: Kashrut
  • Jewish Ritual Objects Inside and Outside the Home

Materials include source sheets, interactive group activities, resources that encourage participants to continue learning after the program has ended, and suggested language to use for promotion.

A registration fee of $200.00 per person in a class with 8-10 participants will usually cover the cost of the curriculum, printed materials, and refreshments.