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by Kimberly Creem

Earlier this year, my daughter, Lily, became a bat mitzvah. I’d been looking forward to this for years. Beneath the Surface, Mayyim Hayyim’s program for Bat Mitzvah girls and their moms, sounded like a wonderful idea.

When I told Lily we were going to sign up, she wondered if we’d know anyone else. Would it be awkward? Would she like it? I assured her it would be a learning experience for both of us, but really I had no idea what to expect.

From the very first class, we were impressed. The teachers were so interested in the girls’ lives, concerns, and questions. At the end of the program, there was a beautiful ceremony where the girls said their own prayers and lit candles.

I was nervous about suggesting that Lily immerse before her bat mitzvah, but she said she definitely wanted to do it. It was magical.

Lily decided we would immerse together. We said the blessings and we floated and talked. It was the most peaceful, spiritual night I ever had with my daughter – a bonding experience neither of us will ever forget.

My mom cried when I told her about it. Lily’s friends, who hadn’t immersed, wished that they had.

Thanks to Mayyim Hayyim, Lily owned the experience of her bat mitzvah. She felt connected to Jewish life in a very personal way. It gave us—as mother and daughter – a rare opportunity to share a profound spiritual moment with each other.

There are so many reasons to support Mayyim Hayyim. This is ours, Lily’s and mine.

I hope you’ll join me in making a generous gift. You will give kids and teens—and parents and grandparents—a profound and unforgettable connection to Jewish tradition.


With gratitude,

Kimberly Creem

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