The Tide has Shifted

Art Gallery and Education Center, Jewish Community

by Anita Diamant, Founding President

I have to tell you a story.

At the recent Reform Movement Biennial, more than 50 participants from all over the world took a field trip to Mayyim Hayyim. The response was — rapturous.

Mikveh and Education Director, Lisa Berman, asked those 50 URJ guests how many had never been to a mikveh. Lisa asked me to guess how many hands were raised.

I think I said 25. She said only three people raised their hands. I was stunned. Three?

The last time the biennial was in Boston was 2001, founding Executive Director, Aliza Kline and I did a presentation about our idea for a new kind of mikveh. Our talk was met with curiosity, and a little suspicion. Not “rapture.”

In the intervening sixteen years, we have fundamentally changed the culture of the Jewish community of North America. Mikveh is now an integral part of mainstream Jewish life. And that is why I had to tell you this story, because you are part of this transformation.

I couldn’t be prouder — I hope you feel the same. Please join me in making a generous donation to Mayyim Hayyim.

And I’ll keep the stories coming.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy New Year.

Anita Diamant is the Founding President of Mayyim Hayyim.


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