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This year, we are revisiting member spotlights about our Rising Tide Network members. These spotlights were previously featured on a separate Rising Tide website that is now a main section of this website. We’re excited to introduce our amazing members to you!

by Michelle Day, MACoM Executive Director; original post by by Savannah Lipinski, 2021-2022 Rising Tide Intern

The Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah, also known as MACoM, was established approximately nine years ago as an initiative in Atlanta, Georgia. During that period, Atlanta had only one mikvah outside the Orthodox community, which was affiliated with a Conservative synagogue and urgently required repairs. Recognizing the need for a mikvah accessible to all members of the community, irrespective of congregation affiliation, the synagogue’s rabbi collaborated with other community rabbis to establish MACoM. This collaborative effort included consultations and a visit to Mayyim Hayyim, predating the inception of the Rising Tide Network.

MACoM has established meaningful partnerships with a variety of other Jewish organizations and synagogues across the denominational spectrum to offer joint programs and unique ritual experiences to diverse members of the Jewish community.

MACoM is one of the founding members of the Rising Tide Network, and served as the host site of the 2019 Rising Tide Gathering that took place in Atlanta. It offered the opportunity to get to know people and organizations connected to the Rising Tide Network and get to know the ideas which inform the work of the open mikvah movement. 

Now that MACoM is eight years old, they have gained a fresh perspective on their role in the Rising Tide Network and the open mikvah movement. As one of the older mikva’ot in the Network, they are positioned to be role models to newer mikva’ot. They are excited to continue growing and developing drawing from the platform they have established where community members can feel empowered to ask questions, share insight, and work toward answers. MACoM understands the unique service they provide for the Jewish community of Atlanta and look forward to continuing to build relationships and grow their impact in the years to come.

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