Words of Reflection, Hope, and Healing

In the midst of our month-long series honoring National Domestic Abuse Awareness month, we offer you a selection of quotes from our guest books.  These words of reflection, hope, and healing have been left for you to read by our visitors:


“This was my first experience immersing in a mikveh, and it will take me a while to fully reflect and feel what beauty and meaning I have finally given to myself. I am a 41-year-old unmarried woman who did not feel “allowed” to use a mikveh until before marriage. Several nights ago, I put into action a deep longing and wish—very 21st century; using the internet to make an appointment- a wish as old as the Jewish people. To cleanse myself and prepare myself for G-d, to heal emotional wounds, to stand as a woman and as a Jew- even if unmarried- and to bless myself and Klal Yisrael [the community of Israel] through the wonder that is the experience of mikveh.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity that otherwise I never would have had. The preparation was amazing – I felt beautiful in my own body, and able to pray in a way I felt comfortable. The guide was incredibly welcoming and even though I was nervous in the water I felt warm and comforted. I feel clean and renewed, ready to face the next step in my Jewish life.”

“Feeling the embrace of the water was one of the most incredible, moving experiences I have ever had.  The space was totally conducive to ushering my children and me into the rest of our lives, without their father.  I was able to flow with sadness and empathy and joy and grief and anger and more joy in the water.  And the space surrounding us – including the way it sounded when we sang together.  I am deeply moved.  Thank you so much.”


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