Why Membership Matters

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance DirectorDSC_0169 

“Membership at Mayyim Hayyim allows me to focus on myself. My membership allows me to immerse as many times as I want, focusing solely on my kavanah (direction of my heart); I have no concerns or thoughts about anything else.”

“I feel completely supported by Mayyim Hayyim. My membership allows me to support Mayyim Hayyim back.”

“I want to support Mayyim Hayyim — I love making the yearly commitment and feeling like my small contribution is another voice saying “Yes! This place is important and I want it to continue! Yay, Mayyim Hayyim!”

-Quotes from current Mayyim Hayyim members

Membership is belonging.  Our interests, motivation, health and happiness all seem to be tied to the feeling that we belong to a greater community that shares our common interests and aspirations.

I find a sense of purpose in being a member. My membership at my local gym, school community organization, book group, Temple congregation and Sisterhood reflects everything about who I am, what I value and what is important to me.  My memberships give me purpose, drive, friendship and a sense that I am living my life in a meaningful way.

As an organization, Mayyim Hayyim relies on the support of our members: individuals, families, organizations, schools and congregations. Their membership to Mayyim Hayyim reflects their dedication and commitment to support our work in the Greater Boston Jewish Community and beyond.

Membership Benefits for Individuals and Families include:

  • Participation in all Mayyim Hayyim education programs that are open to the public
  • Complimentary immersions for 12 months
  • One immersion gift certificate to give to a friend or family member
  • Additional immersion gift certificates available at a discounted rate
  • Use of Mayyim Hayyim’s meeting rooms/celebration space at discounted rates

Membership Benefits for Organizations, Congregations and Schools:

  • Immersion gift certificates
  • Education Programs at Mayyim Hayyim, tailored to your needs and facilitated by Mayyim Hayyim leadership
  • Blessings for the Journey: A Jewish Healing Guide for Women with Cancer
  • Presentations in your community by Mayyim Hayyim representatives
  • Additional immersion gift certificates, education programs, and use of meeting/celebration space at discounted rates
  • Use of Mayyim Hayyim meeting/celebration space at a 25% discounted rate
  • Listing in Mayyim Hayyim’s online and print directories of member organizations
  • Consultation with your board or executive committee for a board installation ceremony at Mayyim Hayyim, including immersion as an option

Membership benefits everyone, it’s a grand two way street. The continued support of our members helps Mayyim Hayyim sustain who we are; allowing us to maintain and be guided by our seven Principles of Common Purpose. Similarly, being a member of Mayyim Hayyim is an important statement of what is meaningful to you and who you are; what you value and hold meaningful. Membership at Mayyim Hayyim reflects your partnership with us going forward to the next ten years and beyond.

Mayyim Hayyim belongs to the community. Mayyim Hayyim belongs to you.

For more information about becoming a Member yourself: https://www.mayyimhayyim.org/Getting-Involved/Individual-Family-Membership

Sherri is responsible for managing Mayyim Hayyim’s financial and building management operations. Sherri holds an M.B.A. from Suffolk University and is a registered Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sherri also serves as Treasurer of the Medfield Music Association, supporting music education in the Medfield Public Schools and Treasurer of the Sisterhood at Temple Beth David in Westwood.


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