by Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director

One year ago I wrote a post, Six Reasons I’m Psyched for 2016. It’s gratifying to reflect on it, and to see the things I imagined then right in front of me now.

A Simple, Pictorial Version of Mayyim Hayyim's 7 Kavanot for Mikveh Preparation

Published 2016: A Simple, Pictorial Version of Mayyim Hayyim’s 7 Kavanot for Mikveh Preparation

The Mayyim Hayyim team of staff, volunteers, and supporters has done an outstanding job of making it possible this past year.

I’m continuing the tradition now with a preview of 2017 – here’s a bit about what’s to come:

Fertility Healing Guide

Thanks to support from The Miriam Fund, we’re working on creating a Jewish healing guide for those on a fertility journey. Approximately one in five Jewish couples face challenges with fertility (not to mention individuals who embark on single parenthood by choice). These individuals and couples face fear, anxiety, and isolation and Mayyim Hayyim has resources to help provide comfort and support. See this recent article in AltFem Magazine featuring our work, and stay tuned for more about our latest publication.

Second Edition of Immersion Ceremonies

In 2010 Mayyim Hayyim published A New Beginning: Ceremonies for the Mikveh, a compilation of more than 50 immersion ceremonies to mark moments of healing, celebration, and transition. Later this year we’ll publish a new set to complement our original resource, including ceremonies to celebrate a 30th birthday, 70th birthday, conversion, mark gender transition, and becoming a parent (for non-birthing parents like fathers, women whose female partner is pregnant, and those becoming parents through adoption and surrogacy).

Enhanced Menu of Education Programs

The Paula Brody & Family Education Center offers 110 programs each year for kids and adults, to help learners understand not only what a mikveh is, but that it belongs to them. In 2017 we’ll launch an enhanced menu of programs for newcomers, leadership groups, and more seasoned mikveh enthusiasts.

Starting a National Network

Excited by our vision to bring together other like-minded community mikvehs from around the country, the Natan Fund is supporting our taking the first steps in creating a national network this spring. We’re starting small and hope to expand from there, with deep gratitude to the MBA team consulting project students from Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management who completed a feasibility study last year that outlined a clear and compelling path forward.

A New Logo and Website

It’s time. Our logo and website need updating and we’re working behind the scenes to give them a clean, fresh new look. We’re grateful to all those who filled out our branding survey last year and can’t wait to share our pretty new face with you.

It kinda all makes you want to stick around and be a part of it all, no? I know I do.

carrie-headshotCarrie Bornstein is Mayyim Hayyim’s Executive Director.