by Rene Katersky

reneActually, I have felt that Mayyim Hayyim has been in good hands all along. Thoughtful strong leadership, and inspired, inspiring vision has been a cornerstone and continues in abundance.

Having just had three future Mikveh Guides shadow me during two recent shifts, I don’t think this could be more true today. These, now current, Mikveh Guides spent time with me; watching, doing, learning, helping, questioning. They challenged me with questions from all angles, wanting to know about the best and worst scenarios in our work as guides. They spoke repeatedly about being surrounded by the beauty and serenity in our space, and how fortunate they are to have found their way to us. It was clear that they “get it,” that even though they are a bit apprehensive about “going it alone,” they know that being present for our guests in significant ways is of utmost importance. They are impressive additions to our cohorts of Mikveh Guides.

It was a joy to share my experiences with them and brought me back to the many meaningful moments I am honored to have had as a guide for the past six years (Boy, that was fast). They will have them, too.

Thank you Becca, Alison, and Nancy, for all you will do at Mayyim Hayyim and kol ha kavod, much respect to you, as you embark on this most meaningful volunteer work.

And thank you, Mayyim Hayyim, for encouraging the best of the best to be part of our “family.” We are blessed again and again.

Rene Katersky lives in Scituate, MA with her husband Ed. She is a proud mikveh guide and educator at Mayyim Hayyim and serves as an Ambassador with Reform Jewish Outreach Boston, both of which feed her soul.