October 2016/ Tishrei 5777

Enough with the hand-wringing about the Jewish future. The kids are all right—and then some. You want proof? Listen to Mayyim Hayyim’s young visitors.

Listen to Ira, who immersed before his bar mitzvah:

This has been one of the most meaningful, spiritual, serene, and overall       amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

Listen to Amalia, after her bat mitzvah immersion:

The whole experience would not be complete without doing this mikveh! I holy (haha get it?!) recommend this!

Listen to teens like Simone and Liza, who found solace and safety at Mayyim Hayyim:

I prayed for my mom (who has breast cancer) and I am so thankful and blessed for this opportunity. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me the courage to start my coming out process. I am blessed to be Jewish.

You make these experiences possible — make your gift today.

Fifteen years ago, I dreamed of creating a resource and refuge for every member of our community—regardless of gender, affiliation, race, background, belief, or age. Reading these comments from the Mayyim Hayyim guest book—and many more like them—you see that our tradition speaks to the next generation in profound and personal ways.

Ira, Simone, Amalia, and Liza discovered Mayyim Hayyim during class visits to our Education Center, where they got the message: this mikveh is for you, for good times and for hard times; this Jewish community is here for you.

Help me keep Mayyim Hayyim afloat for the next crop of kids who will come to learn, celebrate, heal, and connect. Join me by making the most generous gift you can.

Wishing you joy and peace in the coming year.

Shanah Tova,




Anita Diamant, Founding President

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