Reflections of Water

Written by Dr. Paula Brody

I have been painting for over 10 years. Five years ago, when I was cleaning out my mother’s home after she fell ill and had to move to a nursing facility, I found her acrylics and paintings. This discovery encouraged me in my in painting, especially to use different mediums, since I had previously used watercolors.

I create art through mixed media, including watercolors, inks, acrylics, pastels, fibers, and found objects, such as hand cut flowers and shells. I often experiment with a wide variety of both media and textures, letting the media freely interact together.

I am motivated to paint by the natural world around me, specifically all forms of water (oceans, bays and ponds) and by gardening. I live in Jamaica Plain on Jamaica Pond, on Cape Cod and in Naples, Florida so I am surrounded by water year-round. My “Reflections in Water” collages are an abstract interpretation of the ever-changing light reflected in the beauty of water. Mayyim Hayyim has been a source of inspiration for my work, including my piece, “Immersed.”


In addition, many of my paintings reflect my love of gardening. I arrange flowers on a canvas when I cannot be in my own garden. In fact, in the winter months, my palette becomes my garden; in the summer, my garden becomes my palette.

Although my paintings are not limited by any one style, all of my work is characterized by a flow of joyous and exuberant energy and spontaneity. My pieces are always vibrant with color. I believe that everyone has artistic talents, often hidden within them, just waiting for expression!

Please join us at Mayyim Hayyim on September 13 at 6:30pm for an interactive workshop with Paula Brody.

Paula Brody has been a professional on the Northeast Council of the Union for Reform Judaism staff for the past 16 years.  She has consulted to clergy, educators and lay leaders in Reform congregations on intermarriage and conversion. She currently coordinates Reform Judaism’s outreach initiatives in greater Boston, funded by a grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies. Paula has developed and facilitated many programs though the Outreach Training Institute, including the “Reclaiming Mikveh” conference offered four years ago, in partnership with Mayyim Hayyim and 33 national and local organizations. Paula is a founding Mayyim Hayyim Board Member. 


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