By: Mayyim Hayyim Staff

September, for many people, is a month of transition as summer moves into milder days, children return to school, and Jewish calendar turns over into the new year. Immersion ceremonies are ways to mark transition and we are grateful that so many people shared their spiritual transitions this month by immersing in the mikveh. We had over 100 immersions this month and as we transition into the new year, we wanted to share some of the thoughts that people left behind:

  • “I found myself singing in the Mikveh waters. It was beautiful. Shanah Tovah and many blessings for the new year.”
  • “My first immersion. I think I was waiting to be brought to Mayyim Hayyim! Thank you for providing such a wonderful first experience!”
  • “Thank you for helping me transition from one part of my life to the next-cleansing to remove the old and cleansing to become anew, as I go from “single” to becoming a bride. This truly was a tremendous and moving experience.”
  • “This experience was very meaningful and inspirational, which helped the bond between my sister and I. I feel now I am closer to Judaism.”
  • “Thank you for helping us through one of the most hard times in our lives. This was a cleansing experience and is helping us move forward.”
  • “May 5774 be a wonderous year for us all- and just as cleansing as the waters!”

As we begin this new year, we wish to thank all who allow for this place to exist. For being able to help the community transition, whether through life’s regular passage of time or for the larger events that stand out in our lives and memories.