Goodbye Purim

by Walt Clark, Office Manager


1457456_10101420936364092_6735314213358244645_nIn the throes of late evening
cold snow gleaming
there is left steaming
food and drink
and texts from years of old.
And masks of costumes
depicting heroes and monsters
and the gurgle of bellies who are now full.
There sits a frog by the pool,DSC_0055
which is a usual taboo,
tonight though
immersing to find itself anew.
Goodbye evening
Goodbye party
Goodbye dessert that was a little hearty
Goodbye stories
Goodbye costumes
Goodbye Purim and your famous lore
but honestly I could do without seeing snow anymore.


photo (1)Walton Clark is Mayyim Hayyim’s office manager and jack of all trades.  He is a working keyboardist in Boston, playing Black American Music and leads the acid-funk outfit Roxo Gato as well as performing in a variety of groups. You can follow him on Twitter @walt_twitwalker and on Instagram @welaxer.


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