by Cindy KalishCindy Kalish

Following up on A Kosher Lesbian Jew, this is a prayer that Cindy created and read to her guests before immersing for her birthday. 

As I prepare to immerse in these waters,

I reflect on the past decade in an effort to open myself

to the possibilities of the decade that lies before me.

I am here to cleanse myself of the sadness, anger, fear, illness that has been present in my life.

I am here to hold near the joy, happiness, love and fulfillment that has been present in my life.

I hold in my heart all the people I love who are no longer on this earth.

I open my heart to all who I love who are on this earth.

I am filled with gratitude for those who have touched my life and for those who have shaped my world. Who have made me who I am and who will walk beside me as I embark on all that lies before me.

Dear God. I stand here with gratitude for the love, support, strength, and wisdom that you fill me with through my family, friends, and community. I ask for strength and for peace and for hope. I ray for this not only for myself and for all of the people in my life. I pray for this for those who are in need that I do not know. For those who have no one to pray for and with them.

I pray for peace in the Middle East and I pray for the safety of all of the innocent people who are there. Both Israeli and Palestinian. I pray for wisdom and strength and intelligence that a peaceful solution will be sought and realized.

I pray for an open heart as I enter this new decade of my life.

Adonai Li V’Lo Ira -God is With Me, I Will Not Fear

Cindy Kalish lives in Worcester, MA with her 16 year old daughter, Hannah. She teaches religious school at the Worcester Community Hebrew School (PaRDeS) and is an active member of Temple Emanuel-Sinai.