Creating Traditions

by Rene Katersky, Mayyim Hayyim Mikveh Guiderene

Judaism is filled with beautiful traditions and rituals. Indeed, our lives and the lives of our families are made fuller and richer by the traditions that we establish. In so doing, we honor special moments and make them holy.

I find it heartwarming to know that some of our guests at Mayyim Hayyim  have included a visit to the mikveh… our mikveh… as part of their family traditions. In a few weeks, I will have the honor of being present again as mikveh guide for a couple coming to mark their anniversary celebration. One of the partners immersed here for conversion and they have included Mayyim Hayyim in their annual celebration for several years, traveling from out of town to spend time with us.

I will welcome them back, give them their space to be present for each other as they immerse, and, at their request, take a picture of them standing in front of the mikveh, as I have done several times.  This is very much a ritual moment for them, and a truly meaningful one for me as well.  How wonderful that they have chosen to include Mayyim Hayyim as they celebrate each other. What a blessing!

Rene Katersky lives in Scituate, MA with her husband Ed. She is a proud mikveh guide and educator at Mayyim Hayyim and serves as an Ambassador with Reform Jewish Outreach Boston, both of which feed her soul.


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