Creating a Space to be Vulnerable

At Mayyim Hayyim, we believe that the primary role of a Mikveh Guide is to help the visitor feel safe enough to be vulnerable – vulnerable to a meaningful, powerful ritual experience. Through participating in the Guide My Steps Training Curriculum, Mikveh Guides learn to respect the physical, emotional, and personal space of each visitor, and to maintain their confidentiality in all circumstances. The focus is on the visitor, on listening to his or her needs, personal and spiritual experiences. This is a training that carries through to everyday life, enhancing and building relationships in the home and in the workplace. We know that immersing in the healing waters of the mikveh changes peoples’ lives, but the experiences one has as a Mikveh Guide are also life-changing. In honor of our Guides, who see and experience so much and who honor their vows of silence and dignity, we wanted to share a letter we received last month:

Hi Carrie and Lisa,

I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me today.

One of the associates on a team I lead asked to meet with me this morning.  She came to tell me about the very difficult and complicated decision she has made to terminate her pregnancy.

A heart breaking story and, obviously, a very challenging situation for a manager (or anyone, really) to react to. Five years ago, I would not have known what to say for her. Today, the words just came to me. I was able to find words that were supportive and compassionate, but that were neutral of opinion and respectful of personal space. I am certain that the only reason I found those words is my experiences at the mikveh. I realized during this conversation that the training I received at the mikveh and my years of experience meeting people at the happiest and saddest times of their lives has helped me to grow as a person. I learned something about being a mensch at the mikveh and today (and probably a great many other days) this learning has stood me in excellent stead.

As you know, I love guiding at Mayyim Hayyim and it is one of the most important associations in my life, but today I also realized how much Mayyim Hayyim has contributed to the person I have become.

With warm wishes,



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