by Leah Hart Tennen, Mikveh Center Director

Every summer at camp there would be some new rule or some change that would seem to have dramatic and life-altering consequences.  A schedule change (but we always swim after sports!), a favorite food item discontinued (but we always have purple bug juice at lunch!), a curfew made earlier (that’s not fair…the older kids always have get to have more fun!), and so on.  The list is endless.

The famous Macy B. Hart, former director URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp, was famous for the words, “change is neither good or bad; change is change.”  I am also a fan of the phrase, “with change comes opportunity.”

I have gone through many changes in the past year: new job, new baby, new school for my older son, new friends, new opportunities.  I feel very lucky when I reflect upon the past year and feel that all of the changes have been positive ones, as I know that is not always true for every person or every year.

As we Mayyim Hayyim look forward towards 5773, we move together as an organization from “start up” to “grown up;” we can plan bigger and better events, raise additional funds, consult through our national Mainstream program with more communities that want to improve upon an existing or build a new mikveh, train more volunteer mikveh guides, and welcome even more guests to immerse in our beautiful living waters.

As you look towards 5773, reflect upon the year behind you, and the new year in front of you, consider immersing at Mayyim Hayyim before Yom Kippur.  Click here to make an appointment or call 617-244-1836 x200.  Click here to see our immersion ceremony for Rosh Hashanah and for Yom Kippur.

Shanah Tovah, u’metukah! May your year be good and sweet!