A Place for Hope and Serenity at this Fraught Time

by Lisa Berman, Mikveh and Education Director

484548476Unsettled, energized, anxious, fatigued –we are all experiencing a panoply of emotions at this time of decision-making in our country. This has been a time of political transition unlike any most of us have known in our lifetimes, unprecedented in its fraught nature.

Transitions are not new to us at Mayyim Hayyim; they are our currency. But the transitions we see, support, and engage with are individual – becoming Jewish, marking miscarriage, brides and grooms, a return to intimacy as a couple. While mikveh was once solely in the realm of religious transformation, now it is a way to bring a Jewish element to secular life way-points: a birthday, healing, a new job, mourning a loss.

Tomorrow will launch one of our nation’s most profound transitions – the peaceful (please God) transition of power. It is national, but will affect each of us personally.

In recognition of the personal challenge this time of transition has been for many of us, Mayyim Hayyim invites you to come and immerse – for hope, for renewal, for healing, for serenity. Soothe yourself in the warm water under the streaming sun, dappled by gold and red foliage. Emerge calm and rejuvenated, lighter, the burden of these tense weeks and months left behind in the water.

To make an appointment for an immersion – or just a tranquil place for a cup of tea – visit us here.

lisa-blog-photoLisa Berman is the Mikveh and Education Director at Mayyim Hayyim, ensuring that all immersions are facilitated with dignity, respect, and modesty, and supervising the Paula Brody & Family Education Center.


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