by Carrie Bornstein

Accessibility to people with disabilities has been a Mayyim Hayyim priority since the very beginning. Petichut – openness – is one of our guiding principles and it is part of everything we do: nobody is closed out of our education programs, art gallery, or immersion the mikveh itself. Now, in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation, we can show you exactly what accessibility looks like and why it matters, in our newest documentary film, Open Waters: Mikveh for Everybody.

I hope this film inspires you to consider the mikveh as a normative part of Jewish life for everyone – including people with disabilities. And I hope you’ll share the film with others. I hope it will make you consider what true accessibility might look like in your school, camp, or synagogue and I hope you’ll make a contribution to Mayyim Hayyim to help us to deepen our efforts for inclusion in the entire Jewish community.

Later this year we’ll release a discussion guide to accompany Open Waters, to help spark conversation – and action – in your community.

Let us know if you’d like more information and we’ll send it as soon as it’s available.

Open Waters: Mikveh for Everybody

Carrie Bornstein is Mayyim Hayyim’s Executive Director.