Jewish survivors of abuse need safe, healing places where their unique needs will be anticipated and where they will be cared for -- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Below are resources developed by Mayyim Hayyim's Embracing Waters Initiative in collaboration with Journey to Safety at Jewish Family & Children's Service.  These trainings for volunteer Mikveh Guides and clinicians will assist mikva'ot in becoming even more welcoming and supportive to survivors of abuse.

Steps for Making a Mikveh Supportive for Survivors of Abuse

This introductory letter offers guidance on developing a partnership between the mikveh and local domestic abuse program, thus creating a mikveh that is more welcoming and supportive for survivors of abuse and trauma.

Training for Mikveh Guides I: Abuse and Trauma

Part one in a two-part series, this session focuses on possible implications of abuse and trauma on mikveh visitors, community resources, and understanding one's own reactions to abuse and trauma as a Mikveh Guide.

Training for Mikveh Guides II: Mikveh in the Aftermath of Abuse and Trauma

Part two in a two-part series, this session focuses on the stages of recovery and mikveh use, guidelines and role-play scenarios for Mikveh Guides, and self-care.

Training for Clinicians working with Jewish Survivors of Abuse

This training provides an overview of domestic violence and the Jewish community, mikveh as a healing resource for marking life transitions, what happens at the mikveh, making referrals, and clinician self-care.

Additional suggested readings to complement trainings.

Embracing Waters was created thanks to a generous grant from the Boston Jewish Community Women's Fund.