The Watershed Project

The Watershed Project is a trans-informed, gender-inclusive ritual for people who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender-questioning and who self-identify as Jewish, to any extent.

The program’s goal is to expand understanding of the mikveh ritual in order for participants to experience the renewing, transformative benefits of immersion in a way that respects the integrity of identities that have been historically excluded from the tradition. No matter where you are in your relationship to your gender identity or your religious identity, you are welcome.

The project brings together small groups of genderqueer and gender-questioning Jews for a one-time visit to the mikveh. Visitors will immerse individually, if they choose, as well as participate in meditation, reflection, and discussion as a group. Visits are ongoing and will be scheduled around participant availability.

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  • SUMMER HEAT ADVISORY: We have new measures in place to combat the high summer temperatures which may affect your immersion. 

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