Let Justice Well Up Storytelling

Mayyim Hayyim is thrilled to announce “Let Justice Well Up,” an initiative by and for Jewish women of color, to provide a sense of welcome, empowerment, and connection as well as healing and support within the Jewish community.

The goal of storytelling is threefold: to share space and build community among Jewish women of color, to elevate their voices and inspire others to discover the wholeness, meaning, and connection that comes from using ritual to mark transition in their lives, and to flip the narrative that the Jewish community is all White.

Led by Sara Greenhalgh, in the initiative’s first year, Mayyim Hayyim has collected stories of Jewish women who are BIPOC or JOCISM*. Below, you can find clips from these interviews and links to the full stories themselves.

*Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) or Jews of Color, Indigenous, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews (JOCISM)

  1. Alice Yasuna Clip
  2. Anna Rajagapol Clip
  3. Carlene Lighty-Fiorito Clip
  4. May Ye Clip
  5. Denise Dautoff Clip
  6. Terri Hong Lindenbaum Clip
  7. Victoria Fulcher-Raggs Clip

Click on the names below to watch full interviews with our storytellers.

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