Mayyim Hayyim is a 21st century creation, a mikveh rooted in ancient tradition, reinvented to serve the Jewish community of today.


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Learn more about how Mayyim Hayyim has changed the Jewish landscape in Boston and beyond.

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Mayyim Hayyim is closed for immersions at this time. 

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Engaging and inspiring programming for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

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A community mikveh where every voice is welcome, every pair of hands is important, every donation is appreciated.

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Mikveh 101: Jewishly Curious Edition

Dip your toe into mikveh learning with others who are considering conversion; join Mayyim Hayyim August 4 at 12 PM ET for a virtual program that includes study of mikveh’s biblical roots and a virtual tour of Mayyim Hayyim. Participants learn about what happens at an immersion and the many reasons — ancient and contemporary — that bring people to the mikveh. No prior knowledge about mikveh or Judaism necessary. All are welcome. 


Mikveh 101: Elul Edition

Join us August 25 at 7 PM for an interactive virtual program that will focus on the connection between the High Holidays and mikveh immersion, a tradition dating back to the book of Leviticus. Participants will learn about how immersion has evolved over several millennia as a ritual to prepare us for the coming year. Our program will offer a window into mikveh’s biblical roots and its role as a powerful ritual for contemporary Jews.   


Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface creates a structured time and now, a virtual space for moms and girls to reconnect and share experiences with other families about the Bat Mitzvah process, the importance of ritual, and celebrating milestones during challenging times. Mixing live conversations with facilitators and other families and offline activities, this program will make the Bat Mitzvah experience special and meaningful in the midst of a challenging time. Join us August 2, 9, and 16.


Virtual Women’s Voices Women’s Wisdom: Texts of comfort during COVID times

For the first time ever, Women’s Voices Women’s Wisdom will be offered during the summer with Rabbi Beth NaditchJoin us on July 22 & August 19 for two sessions of text-based learning and discussion. Each session will be a different theme, focused on understanding our experience as contemporary women within this challenging period of pandemic, by learning from the experiences of women in the Jewish tradition, the participants within our program, and Rabbi Beth NaditchNo Hebrew knowledge required. 


Mikveh to Go

What are alternatives when immersing in a traditional mikveh isn’t possible? How can you create a meaningful immersion experience at home or in a natural body of water?

In this webinar hosted by Rising Tide you’ll learn about the Jewish legal thinking behind the use of a bathtub or shower in extenuating circumstances, and explore ways to enhance the at-home immersion ritual with Lisa Berman, Director of Mikveh and Education at Mayyim Hayyim, Naomi Malka from Adas Israel Community Mikvah, and Leah Bieler, MA in Talmud and Rabbinics.

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Living in the Waters of COVID-19

How can rituals help and hold you during uncertainty, questions, and fear? How can you develop our own rituals for this purpose? How can you incorporate water into your rituals in the absence of mikveh? This webinar explores the role of water in Jewish life, rituals in your own life, and tools to create your own water rituals that can be done in the safety and sanctity of your own home.

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COVID-19 Update

Mayyim Hayyim is closed for immersions at this time.

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The Watershed Project

The Watershed Project is a trans-informed, gender-inclusive ritual for people who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender-questioning and who self-identify as Jewish, to any extent. The program’s goal is to expand understanding of the mikveh ritual in order for participants to experience the renewing, transformative benefits of immersion in a way that respects the integrity of identities that have been historically excluded from the tradition.

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Today I Did Something Hard

by Shira Cohen-Goldberg Today I did something hard. No, it wasn’t homeschooling two children while keeping a toddler out of danger and trying to work my day job. That was today, yesterday, the day before that, and will likely be tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that. While nothing during this pandemic […]

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