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Serving on the Host Committee means:

  • Listing your name(s) on the invitation
  • Participating, when possible, in Host Committee planning meetings
  • Personalizing invitations to a minimum of ten friends
  • Recommended minimum donation of $500 (includes 2 tickets and an eighth-page blessing in the program book) or $118 for Young Adult Host Committee (Under 35, includes 1 ticket and name listed in the program book)


Please do not close the page until you see a green popup that says “Thank you for joining the Host Committee.” If you do not receive a confirmation email, your registration may not have gone through – please email Rachel Eisen if you are unsure.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Temple Emanuel
6:00pm, Reception
7:00pm, Program


Giving Levels

Event Sponsorship: $20,000+
Blessing on inside cover + 10 VIP tickets

Ocean: $10,000+
Blessing on inside cover + 10 VIP tickets

Sea: $5,000+
Full page blessing + 8 VIP tickets

Lake: $3,600+
Full page blessing + 6 VIP tickets

River: $2,500+
Half page blessing + 4 VIP tickets

Stream: $1,800+
Half page blessing + 2 tickets

Pond: $1,000+
Quarter page blessing + 2 tickets

Brook: $500+
Eighth page blessing + 2 tickets

Under 35 Host Committee: $118+
Name listing + 1 ticket

General Admission: $54

NEW! Youth tickets: $18