The Heart of the Sea and the Mouth of the Well: What stories are the waters telling us this Pesach?

  • 6-7:15pm ET / 5-6:15pm CT / 3-4:15pm PT
  • Zoom

Water is core to our retelling of the Exodus narrative, from the Nile river to the well in Midian and the Red Sea’s crashing waves. Yet we often gloss over the more uncomfortable and tumultuous ways that water plays a role in our people’s liberation story, preferring to focus only on water in yetziat mitzrayim as a source of redemption. How might our approach to the Seder and the Exodus story change if we listen for the messages in the choppier waters as well? Join Mayyim Hayyim’s rabbinic intern Aviva Herr-Welber for an interactive exploration of texts, symbols, and ideas that will yield new understandings we can bring to our Seder tables and beyond.


About the Facilitator

Aviva Herr-Welber is thrilled to be Mayyim Hayyim’s Rabbinic intern this year, working with our education team to lead and create educational content about mikveh for our Boston Jewish community and beyond. She is a Rabbinical student at Hebrew College, and most recently worked as a community organizer with the Essex County Community Organization where she trained community leaders to work together for racial justice across race, class and faith. She would love to meet you and hear about your experiences at Mayyim Hayyim, or to nerd out together about baking, cross country skiing or block printing.


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