Continuing Education for Mikveh Guides: Chevruta Learning through Project Zug

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Mayyim Hayyim has partnered with Project Zug to offer our volunteer Mikveh Guides an opportunity for chevruta (paired) learning with other Mikveh Guides.

Volunteer Mikveh Guides may choose from the following three Project Zug online courses. Once you’ve made your selection, fill out the form below. We’ll write to you with your chevruta assignment and the materials you need to get started.

Course options:

Life Cycle Ceremonies
Facilitated by Dr. Nira Nechaliel

In this course, we will discuss ceremonies that mark the circle of life – birth, coming of age, marriage and mourning. The learning process will proceed with studying the Jewish origins of each ceremony, their respective structures, which have taken shape over the course of innumerable generations, and contemporary and relevant perspectives and the possibilities for reshaping our life cycle ceremonies. More info here.


On the Connection between Women, Men and Water in Rabbinic Literature
Facilitated by Dr. Gila Vachman

The course will deal with a selection of stories and maxims from the Talmud and Midrash that deal with the existence or lack of rain, with the cycle of water in nature, and with the Israeli climate, while making use of feminine and masculine images. More info here.


Love, Sex, and Relationships in Jewish Tradition
Facilitated by Rabbi Avi Strausberg

In this course, we’ll dive into texts across the Jewish canon, from Torah to Mishnah, Talmud to the Legal Codes, exploring questions of “What does it mean to love someone,” “What does a holy, healthy sex life look like,” and “Is there such thing as permitted, sacred sex outside of marriage?” More info here.


How It Works:

  • Fill out the registration form below.
  • We will pair you with someone who is interested in learning the same course as you.
  • You’ll receive a welcome email that will pair you with your chevruta and give you access to everything you need to start learning: source sheets and videos.
  • Now you can schedule in-person and/or virtual meetings with your chevruta for whatever times works for both of you.


Suggested donation is $36