"In six days I become a father for the first time! This was my chance to be clear on my intentions at this amazing transition, appreciate my blessings, and dedicate myself to the important and holy work ahead." Max

Although mikveh tends to be viewed as a women's-only place and practice, Jewish men have been using the mikveh for centuries. Although conversion to Judaism is the only occasion when immersion is required as a mitzvah -- a commanded act -- men have found meaning in mikveh for many other purposes.

The most traditional customary reasons men have visited mikvaot are to prepare body, mind, and spirit prior to Shabbat and holidays -- especially Yom Kippur, and also prior to marriage.

At Mayyim Hayyim, men use the mikveh for a wide variety of reasons, just as women do.

  • Becoming a father or grandfather
  • Becoming a Bar Mitzvah / celebrating the Bar / Bat Mitzvah of a son or daughter
  • Grooms entering marriage
  • A partner's pregnancy loss
  • Celebrating the marriage of a child
  • Recovery after an illness
  • To mark a milestone in life: empty nest, new job, divorce, retirement


Mayyim Hayyim will always have a volunteer Mikveh Guide present to offer you a tour, answer questions, and provide support during your visit.  If you prefer to have one of our male Mikveh Guides here to support you and / or to be present in the mikveh area during your immersion, please let us know in advance of your visit.