At the Water's Edge

Lesson plans for students in 6th-12th grade



Mayyim Hayyim created these materials - activities, vocabulary lists, photographs, timelines, and quotes from mikveh users - primarily for groups of middle school through high school students.  This set of lesson plans, that includes up to three hours of class time, can be used as a series of classes, in stand-alone lessons, as preparation for visiting Mayyim Hayyim or another mikveh, or to follow such a visit. Suitable for use in classrooms, living rooms, or mikvaot (the plural of mikveh). 

Guiding Questions:

  • What is a mikveh?
  • How has mikveh been used in Jewish life in the past?
  • How is mikveh relevant in Jewish life today?
  • What role has Mayyim Hayyim played in innovations in mikveh awareness and use?
  • What can I expect if I plan to visit a mikveh?