Mikveh Guides open the doorway to the ancient ritual of immersion. This is a special task, a sacred role, and a privilege.

Mayyim Hayyim has trained 125 local women and men as volunteer Mikveh Guides.  Thanks to the generous support of The Covenant Foundation and The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, Mayyim Hayyim held its first national, three-day intensive training in November 2008.  Nineteen people, representing thirteen communities including San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Maine, New York and surrounding areas, and Washington, DC, came together to acquire the skills to implement the Mayyim Hayyim model in their own communities.

Regional Training
Mayyim Hayyim also partnered with Jewish Milestones and the Jewish Welcome Network to create a Bay Area cohort of volunteer Mikveh Guides to assist clergy, ritual facilitators and mikva'ot in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Gatos.  This regional pilot is supported by The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund.

The Training Curriculum

"Guide My Steps" is a seven-session training curriculum that includes a teacher's guide as well as the student curriculum guide, and a manual of readings. The curriculum was originally crafted in 2003 and has been revised and updated every year since; it is easily tailored to meet local community needs.

Copies of the curriculum are currently available to communities who have participated in a Mayyim Hayyim training.

To date, the following communities have participated in the "Guide My Steps" training:

  • Adas Israel Mikveh, Washington, DC
  • Temple Israel Center Mikveh, White Plains, NY
  • Mikveh of the Conservative Movement, Wilmette, IL
  • Adam R. Strauss Memorial Mikveh- Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation, Chicago, IL
  • Community Mikveh of Portland ME, Congregation Bet Ha'am and Congregation Shaaery Tphiloh, Portland, ME
  • Community Mikveh and Education Center (in development), San Diego, CA
  • Mei Yisrael Mikveh, Monroe, NY
  • Albany Mikveh, Albany, NY
  • Jewish Milestones, Berkeley CA
  • Jewish Welcome Network, San Francisco, CA
  • Romemu, New York, NY
  • Congregation Am Haskalah, Allentown, PA
  • Santa Rosa, CA


To learn about adding your community to this list please contact us.