Honor or remember the people you love through the power of storytelling. At Mayyim Hayyim, the walls tell stories of love and connection, generation to generation.

Major Gifts at Mayyim Hayyim

A well-told story can teach, comfort, and inspire. The story of grandchildren who enliven, of teachers who inspire, of marriages that triumph; these touch the heart and brighten the spirit. Like stones tossed into a pond, stories ripple out into the world with unknowable resonances and unforeseeable benefits.

Donors have the opportunity to write their stories with the personal guidance and assistance of Mayyim Hayyim president, Anita Diamant. Words are turned into works of art, framed and displayed to touch hearts and minds.

A Mayyim Hayyim Story:

“With your voice, you can make the whole world holy.”

Music is where the soul meets the sacred. The Torah makes its most sublime sense when it is chanted, when it is sung. The Torah is, in fact, a lyric. Study and parse every word, but without the melody, the trope, Torah is like a tree in need of water. Song is as essential to our prayer, to our Jewish lives, as water itself.

Cantor Jodi Sufrin and Cantor Roy Einhorn teach us this Torah with their glorious voices in song and in speech, in their work and in their daily lives.

From the bimah, Cantor Einhorn at Temple Israel in Boston, and Cantor Sufrin, at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley inspire and instruct. They create islands of peace and mountaintops of exaltation from the great canons of Jewish sacred music, and lead singing that unleashes the energy and spirit needed to heal the world.

Their congregations speak of them – as “Jodi” and as “ Roy” - with tenderness, gratitude, and love, in large measure because of the many ways their two voices provide hope and connection beyond the synagogue. In the intimate sanctuaries beside hospital beds and in the homes of the heart-broken, Roy and Jodi sing a personal nusach (melody) of care and comfort that cannot be taught in a seminary.  Theirs is the sacred work of refuat hanefesh, the healing of bruised souls.  Whenever these two gifted and beloved cantors speak, and especially when they sing and lead us in song, they make the world holy.

 To learn more about how to share your story, contact Carrie Bornstein at 617-244-1836 ext. 201.