by Lori Kramer, Office Manager

The last few months have really been a whirlwind for me. My father-in-law passed away; my oldest child got into a few colleges (and got a big, fat no from his first choice); my younger son auditioned and was chosen for a contested role in his high school musical. It is student-directed, and he is so proud. We moved my husband’s business and my father-in-law’s belongings into our home right as we began searching for a new one. I also turned 45 over the weekend.

2018 is expected to be a landmark year: a major birthday of my own; my oldest two children turn 18; my younger son turns 16, and I’ll mark 10 years of marriage to my wonderful husband. (Our Vegas wedding is a story for another time, and no, Elvis wasn’t invited).

All of this personal mishegas (madness) can sometimes weigh on me, but I am lucky enough to work at an organization with supportive staff unmatched by any other. I am so grateful for my officemate, Rachel, who rocked her socks off in bringing us to our fundraising goals for 2017. I am so incredibly grateful for Leah, who is always willing to do whatever anyone needs to check something off their long list – especially helping me write this blog post, which was really challenging for me this month. I am grateful to Leeza for her drive and patience as we grow our educational offerings and figure out new ways to collaborate. I am grateful for Amber who has a crazy commute from Rhode Island like I do, and who always asks about my chickens. I can’t wait to see how the Rising Tide Mikveh Network emerges under her leadership. I am grateful for Carrie who leads us with much-appreciated humor and kindness. I am in awe of our mikveh warrior, Lisa, who managed 927 guests and a record-breaking 1600 immersions this past year with compassion and warmth. What an unstoppable team!

As we jump head-first into 2018, I am so excited to watch my loving families, both personal and workplace, soar to new horizons.

Lori KramerLori Kramer is the Office Manager at Mayyim Hayyim.