Guide My Steps


Training Manual – $50.00

Our spiral-bound manual, meant to be given to each participant upon beginning the training, is the essential piece in training the Mikveh Guide of today and tomorrow. This comprehensive second edition draws from rabbinic sources, contemporary psychology and the experiences of contemporary mikveh attendants.

Through comprehensive sections covering everything from conversion to immersion logistics, the Guide My Steps Training Manual focuses on making sure we provide a warm welcome to the ancient ritual of mikveh and that, as a Jewish community, we say “yes” whenever possible.

Teachers’ Guide – $60.00

A complement to the participant training manual, this Teachers Guide offers notes on best practices for teaching the curriculum including timing instructions, materials needed for each activity, and suggested activities for follow-up.

Readings – $60.00

A collection of readings ranging from Biblical and rabbinic sources to accounts of reclaiming the ritual in a more modern-day context to encourage Mikveh Guides to think about mikveh in new ways. An integral companion to the Training Manual for each participant.

Complete Set – $150.00

Includes: the readings, a training manual and a teachers’ guide.

Complete Set 8 Pack – $850.00

For use in training a cohort of volunteer Mikveh Guides. It includes:

  • 8 Participant Training Manuals
  • 8 Readings Manuals
  • 2 Teachers’ Guides
  • 60 minutes of personalized consultation with Mayyim Hayyim staff and leaders


  • Mayyim Hayyim currently has limited availability for immersions while we undergo construction to repair damage incurred to the building following the extreme cold on February 4. We will be updating this page periodically with new information. To support our repairs, click here to donate.