A singing workshop with Joey Weisenberg

Knocking at Our Hearts

Sunday, September 10, 2017, 3:30pm - 6:00pm

Transform your teshuvah (repentance, return) with the power of song. Join Mayyim Hayyim and renowned Jewish musician Joey Weisenberg as we bring in the Jewish New Year together. 

Located at Temple Reyim
(1860 Washington Street - shared parking lot with Mayyim Hayyim)

Knocking at Our Hearts has reached capacityWe hope you will join us next year.

As we gear up for the high holidays, it’s time to prepare our minds and bodies for teshuvah, often translated as return or repentance. For those seeking practical spiritual tools, join Mayyim Hayyim and Creative Director of the Mechon Hadar’s Center for Jewish Communal Music, Joey Weisenberg, as we immerse ourselves in the power of Jewish niggunim (wordless melodies). Together we will become a communal shofar (ram’s horn), awakening our souls and unifying our voices as we reflect and rejoice before the Jewish New Year.

"From the very first niggun I could feel something special was happening here... the authentic joy and love was tangible.

 Knocking at Our Hearts has reached capacityWe hope you will join us next year.

This program is cosponsored by Temple Reyim, Hebrew College,
and Temple Israel of Boston.

Musician, prayer leader, author, and teacher, Joey Weisenberg works to educate communities around the world to unlock their musical and spiritual potential, and revolutionize the synagogue experience. Joey has authored Building Singing Communities and his niggunim (wordless melodies), published in 5 CDS and a songbook, have become popular worldwide.