A program for Bat Mitzvah girls and their mothers

Beneath the Surface Curriculum

This published curriculum will allow any community to run Beneath the Surface: A Program for Bat Mitzvah Girls and their Mothers.


In this binder are all the components you need to recruit, promote, plan, run, and evaluate this three-session program for bat mitzvah girls and their mothers. Included are guidelines for hiring facilitators, selecting the right location, lesson plans, sample flyers, intake surveys, hand outs, program evaluations forms, and more. Immersion is not a part of this program, and access to a mikveh is not a requirement to run the program.

Participant fees for the first one or two programs should cover the cost of the curriculum. Mayyim Hayyim has historically charged up to $180 per family for 7-10 families, thus generating up to $1800 in fee revenue per program. more info>>