The Mikveh Monologues is a stage play based on stories collected from visitors to Mayyim Hayyim.  It was written by acclaimed author and Mayyim Hayyim founder Anita Diamant and Mikveh Monologues director Janet Buchwald, with musical direction by Josh Neslon.  The show has been a successful fundraiser and community builder not only in the Boston area, but also "on the road" in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

Presented as a "staged reading," with actors reading from scripts, this is a relatively easy to produce show that demonstrates rather than explains the impact of ritual immersion in the life of very different kinds of people: from a bat mitzvah girl to a bride to a breast cancer survivor.  It also includes conversion stories and reflections from fathers and rabbis.

The Mikveh Monologues has been performed for:

  • First International Mikveh Conference: Boston, June 2006
  • Women Cantors Conference: Boston, June 2006
  • Union for Reform Judaism Biennial: San Diego, December 2007
  • Los Angeles Community Mikveh and Education Center (in development): December 2007
  • The Covenant Foundation Project Directors Gathering: Floram Park, NJ, February 2009
  • Los Gatos JCC and Community Mikveh: Los Gatos, CA, scheduled for June 2009
  • Waters Of Eden Community Mikveh and Education Center, San Diego, CA - January 2010
  • London, Ontario - October 2010


Bring the Mikveh Monologues to your community

This play is both a proven fundraiser and a powerful introduction to the potential of mikveh.  In the Boston area, Mayyim Hayyim has raised more than $150,000 at performances of The Mikveh Monologues through ticket sales, ad book revenue and sponsorships.

Mayyim Hayyim will, for a fee, provide a copy of the script with production notes, casting information, and musical directions.

Upon request, Mayyim Hayyim can also provide a detailed packet to assist your marketing Mikveh Monologues as a fundraiser and / or community education program.

Options for mounting the show include:

1. Produce the play with Mayyim Hayyim's director and cast

  • Purchase the rights to perform the script.
  • Work with director, Janet Buchwald, and a cast of well-rehearsed actors and musicians.


2. Produce the play with Mayyim Hayyim's director and your local cast

  • Purchase the rights to perform the script.
  • Work with director, Janet Buchwald who will audition and rehearse local cast members by phone and then on site before the performance.


3. Produce the play with your own director and cast.

  • Purchase the rights to perform the script, which will be sent with production notes and sheet music, along with the script.


To learn more about the costs and benefits of these options, including inviting Anita Diamant to speak at or before the performance, contact: Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director, 617-244-1836, ext 201.