The Forward
Mikveh Mysteries, Solved, By Philologos, January 2008
(Helpful answers to the mikv eh or mikv ah question)

Rethinking the Meaning of Mikveh, by Jennifer Siegel, May 2006

Jewish Week
Mikveh in Their Own Image: Liberal Jews Seek to Recast the Ritual for Modern Times, by Debra Nussbaum Cohen, July 2006

Time Magazine
Thoroughly Modern Mikvahs, by David Van Biema, August 2006

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Review
Coming of Age: The Growth of the Conservative Mikveh Movementby Diana Stephens, Fall 2001

The Jewish Journal Online                                                                                                        Mayyim Hayyim Offers Men a Chance to Submerge, Schmooze, by Matt Robinson, April 2013