Seven sessions that introduce teachings about mikveh from biblical and rabbinic writings to contemporary insights.

The Guide My Steps curriculum is a comprehensive course for training Mikveh Guides and Educators.  Developed, revised, and refined by Mayyim Hayyim over the past five years, we have used the curriculum to train more than 100 local volunteers - men and women - and fifty others from around the U.S. at our 2008 national session and 2009 regional course in San Francisco Bay Area.  Our 2010 "Gathering the Waters" Mikveh Conference offered sessions on "Facilitating Mikveh Guide Training."

The Guide My Steps Training Manual offers seven distinct training sessions: 

  1. Creating a Sacred Space and Community
  2. M' Korot: Sources
  3. Preparation: Niddah and Bridal Immersions
  4. Conversion
  5. Customary and Alternative Immersions
  6. Sensitivity and Logistics-Step by Step into the Mikveh
  7. Endings and Beginnings:  Siyyum

The Guide My Steps Teacher's Guide provides detailed instructions to all of the exercises and activities found in the Guide My Steps Training Manual.

The accompanying Readings Manual is a spiral bound collection of readings ranging from Biblical and rabbinic sources to accounts of reclaiming the ritual in a more modern-day context.  Each of the seven sessions outlined above includes required and suggested readings found in this manual.

The Training Manual, Teacher's Guide, and accompanying Readings Manual are all available for purchase as a package or individually.