"Thank you for providing a ritual to assist me in transitioning beyond my first year as a woman touched by breast cancer. The mikveh was a wonderful way to wash away what is no longer needed and to water the soil of my being so that I may grow on my continued journey. Peace and Love, Michele"

Blessings for the Journey

A Jewish Healing Guide for Women with Cancer, 2nd Edition
A new resource for women coping with cancer, and for their family, friends, and care givers -- including clergy.
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More about Blessings for the Journey

In November 2004, a group of thirteen women gathered at Mayyim Hayyim.  Some were cancer survivors; others were caregivers and health care professionals. They had each wished for a specifically Jewish, spiritual guide to the difficult journey through treatment and its aftermath, and decided to join together and create one. For three years, they met to talk about their experiences, share information, and assemble resources. Blessings for the Journey: A Jewish Healing Guide for Women with Cancer is the result of their hard work and commitment.

Written by women who had faced cancer themselves or as health care professionals, Blessings for the Journey gives women access to Judaism's spiritual resources and richness when facing the physical and emotional challenges of cancer. In times of suffering, Jewish tradition provides wisdom, insight, and rituals. Blessings for the Journey traces the process of diagnosis, treatment, healing, and recovery from the perspective of what Judaism can offer someone with cancer, her family and support community.

Blessings for the Journey contains personal stories of women with cancer and their caregivers, Jewish perspectives from traditional and contemporary sources, prayers, songs, poems, rituals, and suggestions for the use, at each stage, of psalms, meditation and visualization, chanting, and mikveh. The healing guide also provides supplemental materials about these methods, as well as suggestions about keeping a journal and list of resources, including books, websites, films, and music.

The Guide was generously underwritten by:
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Women of Reform Judaism Yes Fund
Boston Jewish Community Women's Fund
Belkin Family and Markoff Family Foundation

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