Join us in honoring deserving community leaders for the work they've done in support of Mayyim Hayyim.


Monday, May 15

Carrie Bornstein
presenting the Nachshon Award to
Elisha and Sam Gechter


  • Listing your name(s) on the invitation
  • Participating, when possible, in Host Committee planning meetings (no more than 3) and/or help with selling ads, promoting the event, etc.
  • Purchasing tickets to the event. Recommended minimum donation of $360 includes two preferred-seating tickets and an eighth page blessing in the program book; for young adult host committee members under 30, a recommended minimum donation of $118 includes 1 preferred seating ticket and name listing in the program book.
  • Personalizing invitations to a minimum of ten friends to invite them to the event.
  • Attending the event on May 15 and celebrating with your community (not all Host Committee members are able to attend - we'd love to have you, but it is not a requirement).
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