"Mayyim Hayyim is an educational treasure trove -- right here in our community."

Hear what area educators and parents have had to say about the programs they've attended:

“This is a creative, thoughtful and comprehensive program. Our students and their parents love it.”

“One of the best programs for this age group I have attended to date. Well structured, with flexibility added in.”

“I loved how it translated an ancient tradition into something relevant and compelling for us today, solving the age old dilemma of connecting our ancient faith and traditions with contemporary life.”

“It is an educational treasure trove - right here in our community.”

“The kids were engaged and curious, and there was a lovely balance of didactic instruction and activity-based learning.”

“This program has always has a huge impact on my students.”

“I thought this was an excellent educational program for my students -- and reached them on just the right level.”

“The programming was very experiential -- I liked that students were encouraged to touch and feel their way around!”

“The kids were heard, respected, and engaged in the learning. I was amazed that they were now considering attending (immersing) for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The ability to be in such a beautiful place for a Jewish ritual potentially transforms our experience with Judaism.”