"The women in our group felt Mayyim Hayyim was comforting, flexible and open to them. The process of mikveh was demystified." Shoshana

Mayyim Hayyim hosts over forty groups of adults and college students annually. We are honored to have welcomed Rosh Hodesh groups, sisterhoods, adult b'nai mitzvah classes, Israelis, federation leaders from England and the former Soviet Union, senior center residents, clergy groups, developmentally delayed adults, and Introduction to Judaism classes, among others.

The goal of Mayyim Hayyim's education programs for adults is to leave with a basic understanding of mikveh as defined by our tradition and in our own day, where it is used to mark a wide variety of life transitions.
Program content is tailored to each group's interests and background. Engaging and experiential, sessions for adults encourage questions throughout. Interactive elements may include text study, an "observation exercise" with a self-tour of the facility followed by reflective conversation, or a workshop about creating a personal mikveh ceremony. The program is structured to answer such questions as:

  • What is a mikveh? In what ways is it a unique structure?
  • Where did the idea of mikveh come from?
  • How did Mayyim Hayyim come to be; how is it unique?
  • What is done to prepare for an immersion? How do you "do" the ritual? How is your privacy protected?
  • Who goes to a mikveh and why do they go?


Education Programs generally run 90 minutes to 2 hours and must be reserved in advance.

There is a fee for programs.

Click here to request an Education Program online or contact our Associate Director of Education, 617-244-1836 ext. 203, to learn more about fees and availability. Please note that Sundays fill up quickly .

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