"Mayyim Hayyim is an educational treasure trove -- right here in our community."

The majority of visitors to Mayyim Hayyim never get wet! Our education center has pioneered engaging and experiential programs about mikveh and the meaning of Jewish ritual for students ages 10 and up, and for adults of all backgrounds.  

Mayyim Hayyim Education Center leads 100+ education programs a year, with curricula tailored for learners of nearly all ages and interests.

Education programs, arranged by request, are planned and run in partnership with other institutions such as congregational Hebrew schools, day schools, synagogues and community centers. We host classes of fourth graders through high schoolers, college students, seniors, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, rabbinical students, and Jewish and interfaith groups from all over the US and around the globe.

Programs generally run from 90-120 minutes.

Learn more about our programs for:  

  • Adults (including college students)

Click here to request a program or contact our Associate Director of Education, 617-244-1836 ext. 203.  Please note that Sundays fill up quickly; book early!

In addition to our "by request" programming, Mayyim Hayyim offers occasional programs that are open to the public.  For more information, see Events & Classes.

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