Mayyim Hayyim welcomes everyone to learn and tour. One of our volunteer Mikveh Guides or a member of the staff will be glad to show you around and answer questions.

Mayyim Hayyim is housed in a renovated Victorian home. Tours begin in our gracious "living room," and continue to the "dry side," a series of multipurpose rooms that house the Paula Brody & Family Education Center, where classes and celebrations are held and artwork grace the walls. (See Art Gallery for current and recent exhibits.) There is also a kitchen (see Kashrut).

On the "wet side," Mayyim Hayyim features two sparkling, kosher mikva'ot, arranged around a soaring, sunlit atrium. Four comfortable and totally private preparation suites are supplied with amenities needed for an immersion.

To schedule a tour, please fill out a Request Form or call 617-244-1836 x 200.